In aquatic ecosystems, and especially for fish, your size determines who you are. Big fish are important for populations, ecosystems and for people. They are also fascinating and beautiful, as reflected in stories and myths of many cultures. But fish sizes are changing, and fish size diversity is rapidly being lost. This project aims to document how much of fish size diversity has been lost locally and globally, how can we restore it, and why it is important.


Step 1: collect available fish size data from diverse sources.

Step 2: Apply size-based theory and statistical analyses to estimate fish size distributions through space.

Step 3: Estimate expected distributions in unfished populations and document what we are missing and what we can change.


Are you interested? We need you! Please join our project. Even small contributions count.

  1. Help us collect data on fish sizes in your local area. Whether you are an angler, artisanal fisher, spearfishing enthusiast, diver, or like going to a local fish market, you can tell us what you see. Our app will be launching soon, so please contact us if you would like to test it in your local area.

  1. Help us collect historical data and photos. You can use our app or get in touch with us.

  2. Get in touch if you are a local fish expert and would like to help with fish identification.

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